Periodontal Maintenance in Orlando, FL

It is the best interest of your smile and overall well-being to maintain an optimal oral environment by practicing an effective dental care routine. Letting oral health concerns such as gum disease progress increases the complexity of treatment by causing other dental issues to arise as well.

At Dentila, we help our patients maintain their smiles and fight against the periodontal disease with comprehensive dental services. Our Orlando dental team works together with patients, teaching them effective oral hygiene routines and creating treatment plans that make both parties feel comfortable.

Stages of Periodontal Disease and How to Diagnose

How our dentist t addresses gum disease depends on the stage in which it is caught. The early forms of periodontal disease require minimal professional intervention, while advanced progression needs extensive treatments. The following are the stages of gum disease and the indicators Drs. Castro and Morales use to diagnose the issue:

  • Gingivitis- This is the earliest and most treatable form of periodontal disease. During your regular check-up and cleaning, one of our dentists may notice inflammation and bleeding.
  • Periodontitis- It is when gingival fibers begin to detach from teeth roots. Teeth start to feel loose and your gum line begins to recede. Patients may notice the weakening of the soft tissues surrounding teeth or our dentist may detect advanced periodontitis during a routine examination.
  • Advanced Periodontitis- At this point, teeth may begin to dislodge from the smile and teeth roots may be severely exposed, which expedites the spread of decay to teeth. This form typically requires surgical intervention and extensive treatments.

Treating Periodontal Disease at Dentila

Our Orlando dental team helps patients maintain their healthy and beautiful smiles by providing a treatment known as scaling and root planning or deep cleanings. This dental service entails removing the plaque and tartar underneath the gum line to halt the spread of harmful microbes. Dr. Castro or Dr. Morale, then smooth the teeth roots to prevent bacteria from harboring. By doing this it also helps reattach gums that have loosened or dislodged.

For complex cases of periodontal disease, we refer you out to a trusted specialist so you may receive the care you deserve.

Deep cleanings are essential to halt the progression of periodontal disease. By removing bacteria from beneath the gum line, we preserve the well-being of your smile and maintain optimal oral health.

Preserve Your Smile with Drs. Castro and Morales

If you have any questions on the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease, contact Dentila today! Drs. Castro and Morales, as well as the rest of our Orlando dental team, are eager to help you achieve your best smile yet.